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Fotor_14118207949881Alarm went off at 4:30 this morning.  All my gear was packed and my camo laid out ready to be thrown on.  Didn’t take much to get ready, it’s kinda like Christmas morning. You make sure everything is in order so you don’t have to waste any time on the minuscule things.   I dropped my Mountain off at his spot and then headed to mine.  I hate to admit this, but it’s all a part of the game, this was the first time walking to this set – up in the dark & it took me a few extra minutes to find it, but it was still dark & I had plenty of time. In my opinion, people who don’t hunt don’t understand certain things about what we do.  There are a few questions I’m regularly asked by my friends who do not hunt:

1.)  Why in the world do you get up so early?    Sometimes, it is hard to get up and going,especially when it’s colder out.  But, by the time I’m in my stand, the walk to it has warmed  me up some and my adrenaline is pumping.  It’s more about the what-ifs, just like in life, nothing is guaranteed in hunting.  Another thing, you can’t see the amazing sunrises we are   blessed each day with if your still cuddled under your covers with your blinds pulled tight.  There’s nothing more affirming than watching the sun rays dance through the branches and    leaves of the trees, it’s a feeling of being alive!

2.) How can you sit in a stand/blind for that long?  When I first started it wasn’t as easy.   I have typically been more of an evening hunter and always thought it was easier to sit and    wait for it to get dark than to make myself sit until a certain time.  I guess I’ve gotten more   patient in my older age, because it seems to be a little easier to sit for longer periods of time.  The comfort of the stand makes a huge difference as well.  I’m feeling good about the one I’m in right now!  There seems to be something to always keep me entertained as well.  Like now, I’m working on this a little bit at a time, but earlier I watched two turtles make their way  through my area.  One of the turtles got turned over when it went over a rock; couldn’t believe it when the other turtle worked continuously until he turned his friend back over!  All the critters keep me pretty entertained and with every twig and crunch of the leaves I’m hoping it’s a deer!  Your mind can play all kinds of tricks on you in the woods, it keeps you on your toes for sure!

3.)  How can you shoot that cute animal?  There is an adrenaline rush in killing whatever game it is your hunting.  If I ever lose that excitement, then it’s time for me to quit hunting.  I can’t speak for everyone, but my main goal when hunting is to provide food for me and my family.  There is nothing better than a plate of fried deer tenderloin!  There’s also the conservation side of this sport.  Without hunters are animal populations would be out of control, disease would spread among the animals and their food sources would dwindle causing them to suffer through starvation.

Not everyone understands the reasoning of a hunter, and that’s okay.  You all have your own answers to the questions posted above, some may be similar to my thoughts and some may be drastically different.  But, as hunters and especially women hunters, it’s important to stand together, support and encourage each other.



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