2014 3D season- TC Pro Staff Kim Franks

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My Best 3D Season to date.


Well the 2014 3D season started off like any other season. January was colder then normal after a colder then normal winter. Early season is always cold, but we don’t always have snow. There are those we call “fair weather shooters” the ones who won’t shoot in anything but “perfect” weather. I for one am not one of those people. Whether it be rain (light or down pour) or snow, hot or cold I will be out shooting in it. One of our shoots we had 4 inches of snow and an inch of ice on top of that and yup we still shot. And I LOVE it!

But what made this season like no other was the fact that it started out as an awesome season. I started winning and shooting some of my personal best scores. I felt as though my support system was stronger this year and I felt that once I joined the TC family. As my season continues to go on and continues to be my best season to date, my Mountain starts struggling and having his worst season ever. He has encountered the dreaded “target panic”. He chose to end his 3D season early but continued to go with me to support me. And with all the support I have had and felt I continued to bring wins and even won a Shooter of the Year buckle at our 1st ever Tri-County Buckle shoot which was stretched out over 3 weekends of shooting.

Some of the Biggest highlights of my season I would have to say were going to the Regions Pro/Am in Stillwater, OK and goin to OJam with Mary and Aaron while we were there visiting. It was a great time with great people. Loved it and cant wait to do it again. Another highlight would have to be this past weekend when I got to meet and shoot with Joella Bates. The 5 time archery world champion and the only woman to ever take the African big 5 with a bow.. All these are things I will not forget and hold dear to my heart always.

This past weekend put an end to our 3D season for the year. It ended on a high note which was the theme for my whole season.. Out of 14 local shoots I had 11 1st place finishes and 3 2nd place finishes along with the Buckle.. I’d would definitly say it was an awesome experience.. Will I expect it every year.. no… would I like for it to happen every year… Heck Yeah!! 🙂

Now waiting for deer season to start so I can fling some more arrows!!  -Kim



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