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Trophy Chick stands for Honor, Respect, & Reality with NO DRAMA.

We support all women! The Sisters of the Outdoors organization was created for women to share their outdoor adventures and an outlet for them to meet other women who share the same passions. If you love the outdoors and want to share your story you are welcome here. We are all Sisters of the Outdoors and Support each and everyone of ya’ll.

Feel free to send in your pics and story to us and we will add you to the Sisters of the Outdoors album where you will be connected to other women from around the world. Each month we pick a Trophy Chick of the Month from this album. Its our way of showcasing ya’ll and the things you love. We believe we should build each other up not compete and tear each other down.

God Bless and Welcome to the Sisters of the Outdoors!

7 thoughts on “Sisters of the Outdoors”

  1. Love being a part of this…
    Us girls don’t th respect we’re due when it comes to huntin a lot of times… seems like its all about th guys a lot of times…LOL!!!

    • Its definitely great to have aplace to share your outdoor adventures with other women. Your welcome here anytime! #SOTOFL #TrophyChick

    • I’m glad you enjoy it. Feel free to share your pics with us to be added to the Sisters of the Outdoors album. Email them to Thanks and God Bless

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