2015 in Review

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This hasn’t been the most productive year, but I’ve still made some wonderful memories.  Most exciting were the times I’ve gotten to spend with my outdoor family.  First, we all met up in Nashville for the NWTF convention and we met some great people, had a fantastic time and enjoyed each other’s company. My Mountain and I participated in a reality show & it was an eye-opener for sure!  I have a new found irritation for extreme animal activist. They have no respect for people who do not see the world the same way they do & they can be extremely hateful.  Then, I spent several weeks in Utah while my Mountain was working.  It is breathtaking country and I hope to get to go back one day for a hunt (definitely need to hit the gym more for that one).  We ended our Utah trip and swung through Oklahoma to see our fantastic Trophy Chick family and had a great time & then went back just a short time later to give bow fishing a shot.  I never hit one, but experienced enough to know that I will be adding that sport to my list of hobbies.  And, I started shooting local 3D tournaments  and can’t wait for them to start back again in February; I need more practice, but I participate because I enjoy shooting and bettering myself.

Deer season has been a bust!  🙁    Between the crazy weather (it was either crazy warm or flooding) and life in general I wasn’t able to hunt like I wanted. I also had a brand new ladder stand set-up (including my lifeline and bow holder) and a new pop-up blind stolen.  But, in all, a day in the woods is better than a day in the house.  I’m sitting, right now, for probably, my last time this season.  If I’m blessed to get a shot at a deer then it will make the entire season worth it all.  If I’m not, I was still blessed to be able to take part in this beautiful, glorious land He created.

Next stop NWTF again & then Turkey season!  I can’t wait to hear a big ‘ol Tom talking to me early one morning!  I hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous 2016!  I’m looking forward to spending even more time with my outdoor family!  Love my TC sisters!!


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