“Living With the Enemy” Part 1

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I recently took part in an observational documentary with Lifetime, called Living With the Enemy.  The point of the experiment is push some of today’s controversial topics and for each participant to “live” the opposite point-of-view while defending their own beliefs and morals. Our episode is Hunter vs. Vegan.  There are so many topics covered in this episode and I am more convinced than ever that we, as hunters, must work harder to support each other.  If we don’t support each other, then it will be much easier for groups who believe our lifestyle is wrong, to begin tearing it down and taking it from us.  The people with whom I met during this experiment are just as strong in their convictions as we are in ours, we have to continue to educate, encourage and support each other in our hunting family to keep this legacy alive for our future generations.  The series premiere is on Lifetime, July 9th at 10/9 central, please watch for the “Hunter vs. Vegan” episode and show your support.  I hope I make you all proud that you feel I defended our rights as hunters appropriately.  Kami

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